Sue Scheff: A Voice Against Cyber-Crime, Internet Defamation and Promoting Internet Safety

internetlaw.jpgAs a victim and survivor of Internet Defamation as well as a Parent Advocate, I feel I have this opportunity to bring an awareness of an ever expanding issue – Internet Abuse and sometimes called Internet Terrorism.  In today’s times, that word can be extreme, but if Cyberspace Abuse isn’t address on a National and International level, it will be at a level of terror for anyone that dare stumble or make a mistake in life. 

With the recent attention surrounding the suicide of Megan Meier in connection with her conversation on MySpacewith a ficitious teenager, it is an extreme example of why we need to fight for new legislation in regards to Internet Laws and updating the Communications Decency Act (1996) to meet today’s Internet growing concerns.

Policing the Internet can be a tedious job, but a necessary one to keep kids and everyone safe from predators, cyberbullies, identity theft and more.  I have found that services like Reputation Defender can be a great start in monitoring your online identity.  Parents need to take a moment to review Reputation Defender MyChild – I believe it is a great way to start protecting your minor child in Cyberspace. Do you want to protect your privacy: MyPrivacy may be for you.

It is not a secret I think highly of Reputation Defender. I am not a spokesperson for them, I am a grateful client.  I had major reservations about letting the world know I retained them, but after the large number of emails I have received, I have found that my voice has helped so many others to know they are not alone, and you can fight back.  You don’t have to be powerless anymore – you have to believe in who you are and what you do.