(Sue Scheff) Internet Law: Understanding Internet Defamation

internetlaw2.jpgAs a victim and survivor of being nearly destroyed on the Internet with libelous and slanderous statements, I have become a voice to help others that are being abused in Cyberspace.  Since my $11.3M jury verdict for damages of what was done to my organization, my family and myself by an angry and obsessed woman.  I fought back – I won.  I have received tons of emails from people all over the world that have become victims of malicious online attacks, which some are now calling Cyberbullying.I am working with a prominent Florida Senator and my Congresswoman to bring about change to protect people from this type of abuse.  The Internet can be entertaining, educational, informational  and in many instances – a necessary tool for many things we do today.

The dark side of the Internet can be frightening.  It can take a person years to build their reputation to have it literally destroyed with a few keystrokes.  A child can become victim to a predator by innocently chatting online in chat-rooms.

Internet Defamation is a silent weapon that can be used to ruin people.  In many cases, for not other reason than veagence. Read the article on Top Ten Blogger Personas: The Mobosphere Unveiled – this can give you an idea of why some people are stuck on harming others. 

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