Sue Scheff – Helping Promote Internet Safety

repdef.gifIn today’s crazy world of Cyberspace – it can be a free-for-all to literally destroy longstanding reputable people and organizations with a stroke of a keypad. With this, priceless services like Reputation Defender have become in demand.

As a client of Reputation Defender, I can personally attest to their remarkable services as well as their compassion to help people that are being harmed via the Internet.I was a victim of Internet Defamation and now a survivor of it – not only because I won an unprecedented $11.3 Million jury verdict for damages, but because I fought back!I am not a spokesperson for Reputation Defender, but I am certainly a very satisfied client and completely amazed at their dedication to keep the Internet a safe place for everyone.
For those that believe that it is about hiding the ugly, think again – Reputation Defender is selective and does their due diligent. I am proud to be their client. When I went public about retaining this service, it was a difficult decision – but in the end, I realized my voice has helped so many others as well as received the attention of Congress to hopefully make some legislative changes to promote Internet Safety.
I have meet with my Florida Senator several times and just meet with my Congresswoman – I am confident positive changes will be made to protect people and children in Cyberspace.
As a Parent Advocate, I am impressed with their latest service – MyChild which can help protect your kids identity and more. With today’s tragedies online – as parents we need to take any and all pre-cautions to keep our children safe.Read more about Reputation Defender. Click Here.