Parents Universal Resource Experts (Sue Scheff) Caught in the Web – Teen Internet Addiction

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Caught in the Web

Once they turn 12 kids think they know just about everything, so how do you teach them about teenage Internet safety? With hundreds of teen chat rooms online, there really is no way to guarantee Internet safety for teenagers. Go into one and within minutes, someone will type a message like: “How old are you?” “Where do you live?” “Are your parents home?”

Can you really know who’s talking to your kids online? And what information are your children sharing? The Internet offers amazing advantages, but it also gives predators a new way to find and stalk their victims. And kids are using technology to “cyberbully” – sending malicious emails and harassing Instant Messages, creating a whole new area of concern when it comes to teenage Internet safety.

Real-Life Stories Teach Internet Safety for Teenagers

Caught in the Web, tells the true story of 13-year-old Kylie Taylor, who met a 47-year old man in a chat room and agreed to meet him – a move that nearly cost Kylie her life. You’ll also hear about teenage Internet safety from reformed cyber predators, their victims and learn what parents can do about kids sending abusive messages online.

Watch Caught in the Web with your family, so you can teach your children about the devastating effects of cyberbullying. Hear from experts about the best ways to improve Internet safety for kids. And learn the meaning of “online lingo” that could save your child’s life.

Order Caught in the Web today to learn what you can do about teenage Internet safety.