Sue Scheff: Teens Exercise – Can Exercise Help You Learn?

pe4lifelogoPE4Life is a great website to help parents get involved in more activities with their kids.  Can exercise help you learn?  Check out this recent clip on CBC in Canada – (On the page click on Brain Gains to watch the entire piece). 

Source: PE4Life

Parents are busy with a full workday, helping their children with homework, engaging their children in after school activities, and so on. This doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for physical activity in your own lives. Do you realize that schools have devalued and cut physical education to the point that the majority of children get one day of PE per week? Children today have a shorter life expectancy than their parents for the first time in one hundred years because of the epidemic of obesity, according to Dr. William Klish, Professor of Pediatrics and Head of Pediatric Gastroenterology at Baylor College of Medicine. Lack of PE at school is a disservice to your child’s health. Speak up. Demand that your school offers daily quality physical education. Use PE4life as a resource partner to enhance your school’s PE program. A recent study revealed that 81% of teachers and 85% of parents favor requiring students to take physical education every day at every grade level. As parents, you can rally people in your community to get involved by ordering a PE4life Community Action kit video and show it to the PTA, the school board and other community groups. The next step is to invite PE4life to make a presentation to your school leaders, bring a team of people to train at a PE4life Academy, or invite PE4life to do an in-service for your school staff. As your resource partner, PE4life can provide these and many other services to your school as you work to get children more active and healthy.

The PE4life Approach to Physical Education:


  • Be offered to every child every day
  • Be available for all students, not just the athletically inclined
  • Provide a wide variety of sports and fitness activities to promote an active and healthy lifestyle  
  • Assess students on their personal progress toward fitness and physical activity goals
  • Incorporate technology on a regular basis 

  • Extend beyond the walls of the gymnasium to form community and business partnerships 

    Today’s “New P.E.,” as exemplified by PE4life, is a health-and-wellness-based approach to physical education that caters to all students, not just the athletically inclined.  Students are encouraged to pursue a variety of sports and physical activities (team and individual) – for a lifetime. 



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