Sue Scheff: Learn to Communicate with your Teenager

aboutcomLearn to Communicate Effectively with Your Teen in 5 Days

By Denise Witmer,

Parents have the same goal, to successfully parent their teen into happy and healthy adults. The most important parenting skill you will need to do this is effective communication. If you can effectively communicate with your teen, you can move mountains – or at least get them to clean their room on a regular basis. This free parenting class is set up for you to go through one lesson a day in five days. Once you incorporate these lessons into your talks with your teen, you will see an improvement in getting your teen to come to you when they need help, follow your rules and limits and be less stressed.

You can start at day one and follow through, day by day, or go to day five and learn by doing the analysis quiz or sign up for 5-day email lessons.