Sue Scheff: Power Moms Unite

Where were these great websites, articles, information and more when I was raising my ADHD son?  Well, in my defense, the Internet was not the wealth of information it is today that it was 20 years ago.  Parents are fortunate today there is so much information, research, parent networking and more today.  PowerMomsUnite is a fantastic website that has some articles, that as a parent of can ADHD child, can relate to and learn from.


What is a Power Mom?

Power Moms are moms working to successfully balance the needs of child, family, and self. Some work outside the home, balancing a career with the needs of their child, family and personal self. Other moms are working from home, managing families while managing a small home-based business or managing large families and a homeschool. There are a wide range of us- all power moms- looking to do our best at our many hats as mom- be that nuturer, coach, educator, cheerleader, psychologist, disciplinarian, party arranger, role-model, etc. The roles are vast and numerous, the balance often difficult to strike. This site hopes to empower these moms by providing timely, valuable and informative resources for celebrating family life and successfully managing ADHD.

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