Sue Scheff: Parenting 2010 (part 2)

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Many people are making their New Year’s Resolutions and less will keep them.  When it comes to parenting, it is imperative we not only keep them, we follow through 110%!

As the Internet has become our latest and greatest information highway, you need to be sure your address – aka – virtual presence – is accurate!  In part one we talked about why our social networking sites should be updated and cleaned up.  In part two we will learn about how you can start to create your online presence a step further.

Part 2 –  Create your family Blog.  This can be fun and entertaining for the entire family and an activity you all can participate in.  Again, the “time” you spend together on this can be a learning process.  You may find out more about your child’s personality that only their cyber presence can share with you.

Do you have a teen?  Encourage them to create their own Blog with their own interests.  This can help college recruiters see that your teen is enthusiastic about their interests, engaging and will be an asset to their campus.  Remember, many college recruiters are using search engines to research their candidates.  By using your teens name in the Blog URL can help when people are surfing online with their name. 

Reminder: It is critical you own your own name online.  Creating a Blog is another way to maintain your virtual image.

What should you Blog about and how often?  It is a fact many people have busy lives and limited time to spend on social networking, and of course we have those that spend a lot of time online.  No matter what category you fall into, take the time at least once a month to keep your Blog updated.  This shows your friends, family and most importantly a potential college recruiter or employer you are alive, active and up to date with today’s technology!

  • Share photo’s that are appropriate.  Another words, don’t put pictures out there that you would not share with your grandparents. Keep it clean.
  • Talk about your interests,  your achievements, your goals and other positive information.  Life is not perfect and we always will have negative times.  If you are struggling, you may want to limit what you share online.  Or once you have managed to overcome an obstacle, you may want to help others by sharing your own experiences.  Just keep in mind, what goes online – stays online.
  • Keep your Blog engaging!  If you can incorporate current events, functions going on in your community, and other exciting activities – readers will want to come back to see what you are doing next! 

Are you ready to create your Blog?  It is free, fun and easy! is one of the easiest ones I have found.  See the video for a quick demonstration.  You can visit my Blogspot by Blogger at  You will notice I used my name, and I encourage you and your teens to do the same thing.  This goes back to owning your own name online.

Part 3New Years Resolution for parents:  Steps you can take to monitor your child’s online image.

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