Sue Scheff: Teach By Example – Lend a Hand to Those In Need

Going through difficult times can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are raising children.  Whether a crisis hits your family or you are in need of assistance with elderly people, there is an organization that reaches out and give you inspiration to receive a helping hand.

Lotsa Helping Hands was created to support family caregivers and volunteers by empowering their circles of community who are eager to help those in need. Many people don’t realize there are many others in their community that are there for them if they are struggling. 

Lotsa Helping Hand’s mission is to provide the communication resources facilitating a world where caregivers feel empowered to ask for help, and in so doing, improve their own health and quality-of-life; volunteers can become part of the solution when family, friends, neighbors or colleagues are in need of help, and community becomes a recognized way to find meaning in both giving and receiving.

Many have experienced the crisis of a friend or loved that was suddenly not able to provide for their family or themselves. Perhaps it’s an illness or post rehabilitation that requires weeks or months of bed rest.

Possibly it’s a complicated pregnancy or a cancer diagnosis requiring frequent chemotherapy appointments. In many instances of acute medical crisis or long-term family caregiving, those affected must also cope with quickly finding support for meal preparation, grocery shopping, transportation for themselves and their dependent family members.

It is often difficult for patients and family caregivers to ask for help. And if help is offered, managing that help can be a significant part-time job: coordinating family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and church or synagogue members who do not all know each other can be complex and time-consuming, with endless phone tag, too much food delivered, and forgotten commitments.

Lotsa Helping Hands community helps build emotional and spiritual support as you face the many issues surrounding everyday caregiving.  They offer assistance for military families, elderly, schools, parenting, religious groups and more.

Inspired by a true story in Guideposts Magazine, Care Calendar, Lotsa Helping Hands is helping thousands of families! 

Pay it forward, tell a friend in need.

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