Sue Scheff: Springbreak and Your Teens

As March rolls in, many college students as well as some junior and seniors in high school start anticipating their spring break.  Whether they are traveling to a warmer destination, going abroad or simply just hanging out, it is important that as parents, you determine what exactly will be going on.

Spring break is a time-honored tradition for many high school and college students, one that involves wild parties, lots of flirting and, yes, even sex. But over the last several years, tales of alcohol poisoning, illegal drug use, injuries, rape and death during students’ weeklong getaways have become common news headlines. A large proportion of these incidents actually occur in foreign cities. – Connect with Kids

Connect with Kids recently posted an excellent article with helpful parent tips as well as information on binge drinking, sex and violence as well as scams that can involve travel.  Every parent that has a college student or high school teen that is making their spring break plans, should be aware of the pitfalls, dangers and risks their child could be taking.

Communication is key.  Talk to your teens, your college students, let them know about the potential risks.  You are not attempting to ruin their fun, you are only trying to keep them safe.  You can have fun and be safe at the same time.  It is time to convince your teen of this by talking to them.

Don’t wait until the last minute, start now.  Being an educated parent will help you have safer and healthier teens.

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