Sue Scheff: Lifeguarding – A Serious Job

Lifeguarding is one of the most serious responsibilities and jobs a person can have, however sometimes a lifeguard doesn’t always mean security.

On the beaches of St. John’s County, the lifeguards are diligently scanning and waters putting people and children first.  They are trained extensively and take their jobs very seriously.

Sadly not all beaches and pool have these types of lifeguards.  The statistics are sobering. On average, 10 people a day die from unintentional drowning. More than one in 5 drowning deaths involves a child 14 or younger. Some of those cases involve pools where life guards were on duty.

The American Red Cross offers Lifeguarding Certification and classes to train teens and adults for these important jobs of protecting swimmers and water safety.

Lifeguarding is not only an important job, it is rewarding and excellent opportunity for teens as young 15 years-old to start a job they can build from.  GuardStart: Lifeguarding Tomorrow is an exciting program where 11-14 year-olds build a foundation of knowledge, swimming and leadership skills for future completion of a Lifeguarding course.

Sources: CBS News

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