MEAN GIRLS 2: It’s Back and Taking Bullying Straight On!

What is a mean girl?

Who is a mean girl?

Just ask Jessica G. from St. Augustine Beach, and she will tell you it is a girl at school that is constantly teasing her about her weight.  That girl has a name, her name is Katie.  Katie is what many would call a mean girl. “Katie likes to say things to me in front of others, which is twice as embarrassing.  I am afraid to eat in front of other kids now.  I am trying to lose weight and I am losing weight slowly, but when she moo’s at me, it only make me want to eat more.”

Tina Fey’s blockbuster hit, Mean Girls hit theaters in 2004.  Immediately many kids and parents could relate and sadly, many saw themselves in the acting of Lindsay Lohan and the story that gave bullying a face.

Mean Girls 2” picks up where the first left off, at the same North Shore High with the same deadpan principal, Mr. Duvall who clearly hates his life.

What has changed is the increase of bullying awareness and bullying prevention programs.

Did you know that bullies are more likely to:

•Get into frequent fights
•Steal and vandalize property
•Drink alcohol and smoke
•Report poor grades which could result not getting into college
•When cyberbullying and getting caught could face arrest depending on the degree of the incident
•Perceive a negative climate at school
•Carry a weapon

How can you help prevent bullying?

Report Bullying

Don’t be afraid to tell an adult. Telling isn’t tattling! You are helping someone.

Who should you tell?

You could tell your parents, teacher, school counselor, school nurse, coach or any adult you trust. Be sure to tell exactly what happened … who was bullied, who the bully was, where and when it happened. Even if you suspect a kid is being bullied, it’s a good idea to report that, too. Most adults really do care about bullying and will be glad that you told them about it.

If you tell an adult and you don’t think they are doing anything about the bullying or if the situation isn’t improving, tell another adult. Keep telling adults until someone does something to help.

Be A Friend To Someone Who Is Being Bullied

Just being supportive to a person who’s been bullied is comforting. It shows that someone or many people care.

When someone is down they need a friend. Be there for the person who is being bullied. Be a buddy on school grounds, get together after school, include them in activities, Walk home with them, sit with them on the bus. Being an understanding and supportive friend means so much. Show a kid who is being bullied that you care about them.

Stand Up To The Bully

If you feel safe and comfortable, tell the bully that what they are doing is mean and wrong. It’s not cool and they should stop. Keep it simple. Do not bully them back. If you are not comfortable standing up to the bully, tell an adult.

You can watch “Mean Girls 2” on ABC Family on Sunday, January 23rd at 8PM ET/PT. Be sure to stay tuned at the end of the movie for a special PSA with actress Meaghan Martin on bullying and its impact. ABC Family has partnered with STOMP Out Bullying™ to help speak to the heart of the issue. For more information on “Mean Girls 2” visit

Source: Stomp Out Bullying

Watch PSA here. Watch trailer here.

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