Teen Help for your Struggling Teen: When Parents Reach their Wit’s End

What happened to that bouncing happy toddler that you once would bring to the park and play in the sand with?  What happened to that elementary child that would bring home that artwork that would hang on your refrigerator door for weeks and I bet is still packed in boxes somewhere?  It is called adolescent with a splash of peer pressure and today’s dose of entitlement issues!  In my opinion of course.  We are dealing with teens that are good kids making bad choices.  We live in a society where our teens seem to rule our homes, and parents have limited rights to control them.  How many times have your teen threatened to call the authorities on YOU?  Yes, I have heard this before.  There are parents that literally live in fear of their own teen.

Should you have to live like a hostage in your own home?  Of course not.  Does this mean your teen needs a boot camp?  Absolutely not – not in my opinion.  Military Schools are rarely the answer either – unless you can afford to lose $25K-30K when they get expelled.  It is time for you to do some research and that is what I have done over the past decade after I was once that parent with a troubled teen.

Do you really need to pay someone up to $5000.00 to tell you that you need to send your child to the woods for a glorified camping trip aka Wilderness program then to a residential program or are you capable of doing this yourself?  Let’s look at this….. Maybe you can save yourself some money……

  • Educational Consultants were originally designed to help parents with their teens to find the right colleges and with the application process.
  • As the shift in teen help increased, they seemed to branch out into the residential treatment field.
  • Most have not experienced what you are going through.  Most do not know what you are dealing with at home.  Only an experienced parent that has been there really knows that feeling of helplessness.
  • What is the EC Shuffle? Find out more and try not to get into the mix.  Parent Consultants do not employ this type of assistance for your needs.  “The EC I spoke with only wants $500.00, that seems fair.”   Remember the cliché you get what you pay for, yes, you will find some Educational Consultants that will only charge $500.00 but you also get limited services usually including the EC Shuffle with a list of programs.  Nothing more than you could have found on your own in a few Internet searches.

Parent power – believe it or not – you can do it!

You have the ability and the power to find the right program that is best for your individual teen’s needs.  Parent Consultants are not only parents that have been there, they are parents that have personally visited many schools and programs.  They have obtained even more information and feedback from other parents and students of a large variety of programs in the United States.

  • The big business or industry of teen help programs and schools is not about your educational background, such as being a PhD or an LCSW, it is about being in it and part of it – which goes back to first hand experiences.
  • Take advantage of our free consultation to determine if we will be able to assist you and your family.

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