Educational Consultants or Parent Consultants

Reaching your wit's end on the Internet

When a parent first hits that brick wall of having a teen that is out-of-control they literally are clueless at who to call or what to look up on the Internet.

Being in the dark can lead to making rash decisions and this is something you don’t want to do when it comes to your child.

Some parents assume that Educational Consultants are the experts to turn to for placement of troubled teens and in some cases, that may be true.  However, like with many other purchases in life, you need to know what you are buying into.

Educational Consultants were originally designed to help parents with their teens to find the right colleges and with the application process. As many know, this has been replaced with CollegeBoard and many other websites online.

As the shift in teen help increased, they seemed to branch out into the residential treatment field.  Most have not experienced what you are going through.  Most do not know what you are dealing with at home.  Only an experienced parent that has been there really knows that feeling of helplessness.  Which is why I created Parents’ Universal Resource Experts, Inc.

We are parents – we have walked your shoes.  After experiencing an extremely difficult time with my own teenager – surfing the Internet – being scammed online – my teen being harmed at a program that misrepresented themselves, I decided to take a closer look at this teen help industry.

After years of visiting schools and programs, collecting years of feedback (from parents, students and employees), background researches, on-site visits, etc… We offer parents advice and educated tips on looking at schools and programs.

The last thing parents need to get involved in, in our opinion, is an EC (Educational Consultant) Shuffle. What is the EC Shuffle? Find out more and try not to get into the mix.  We do not employ this type of assistance for your needs.  “The EC I spoke with only wants $500.00, that seems fair.”   Remember the cliché you get what you pay for, yes, you will find some Educational Consultants that will only charge $500.00 but you also get limited services usually including the EC Shuffle with a list of programs.  Nothing more than you could have found on your own in a few Internet searches.

Some Educational Consultants are fair and don’t employ this type of method.   Please remember this is your child and no one knows him better than you.  Do you really need a middle person for your child?  Shouldn’t the program speak directly to you?  Save yourself $5000.00 and find the right for your child.  It may take you a day or two longer, but you can do it.  Sometimes it doesn’t take that long – it is all about knowing the right questions – and at (Parent Consultants)- we have helpful tips and hints to guide you.

As a Parent Consultant, we have walked in your shoes.  We have have had the troubled teen, done the reach, taken the time to know the background of the daunting big business of the teen help industry.  Take your time – do your homework.  This is a major financial and emotional decision for you and your teen.

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2 thoughts on “Educational Consultants or Parent Consultants

  1. I thnk what you have created should be a wonderful resource for families with troubled teenagers. However, there is one thing that I wanted to clarify for your readers. Educational consultants have not been replaced by online sources such as the College Board. In fact, most of us who help students select colleges and throughout the college admissions process are busier than ever. Online sources are impersonal and cannot address the individual needs of a student. Some of the information online is also out-dated and inaccurate. As educational or college consultants, we spend many hours with students and provide the time end expertise that will benefit most families. In fact, many parents agree that hiring an educational consultant for college planning is one of the best investments they have made

  2. I agree with you 100% College Direction. I was speaking strictly about the EC’s that are targeting parents with troubled teens and placing them into Wilderness Programs (which I personally don’t believe in) then they go into RTC’s. Rather then placing them straight into one program from the start. It seems that these EC’s have the same formula for every family – and I just don’t believe every family is the same. IMO. And I have talked to many families over the past decade. Thanks so much for your insights.

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